Sunday, January 9, 2011


We're finally getting back to normal after the holidays! 

We had a great holiday this year, with just the right mix of travelling, extended family, and staying-at-home time.  We headed up to New Liskeard on the 21st and celebrated with the McLean side on Christmas Eve.  Kate really enjoyed spending time with her cousins.  She even got to ride on Grandpa's snowmobile!

On Boxing Day we drove back as far as Arnprior to stay a night with Granny and Poppa Patterson.  There are always lots of fun things to play with there.  Then we got to hang out at home for another week, just the three of us. 

All of us, including Grandpa, Granny and Poppa, had nasty colds at some point or another (starting with Kate - thank you!), but everyone has pretty much recovered now.  I think Poppa is the last hold-out, still needing a few days rest. 

Here are some selected pictures - although I unfortunately didn't get any from the Patterson side celebrations...

 Reading with Auntie Tammy

 Presents, presents, everywhere!

 New baby doll

And here she is at home enjoying her new art easel and play kitchen...