Thursday, March 8, 2012

:: right now ::

Ha - so I bet you were all expecting a big long post after that last one. Well, I haven't been able to get on Blogger for a whole week - some silly redirect loop. So I am stuck doing another email post from my iPod.

I'm going to do a "Right Now" post, à la Soulemama (I'd make that a live link if I wasn't doing this via email! - look it up yourself if you are curious) Blogger issues resolved :o)

So, Right Now I am:

:: LOVING the warm weather

:: starting to make plans for a Square Foot vegetable garden (again, I wanted to make that a live link, but you're on your own...)

:: admiring Kate's creativity in bedtime excuses - the other day she told me she couldn't sleep because her eyebrows hurt

:: really enjoying being in my new choir, despite (or perhaps because of) the grueling rehearsals (We're recording an album! Check out our site or blog)

:: smiling at the lime green car that is always parked outside my office window in a sea of drab grey and brown cars - don't know whose it is, but it always makes me smile

:: disappointed that the second season of Downtown Abbey has ended just as we were getting hooked on the series

:: grateful that Vision TV is replaying the first season so we can catch up!

That's about it for me. What are you doing right now?

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  1. Stairwell Carollers- I've heard of them! I used to work with Kelly H back in 2004 at HC(Foods) and I remember her being a part of the choir. Do you know her? We don't keep in touch, but it's such a small world!
    Hope you, Patrick and Kate are doing well. Happy Spring and Happy Easter!

  2. Hi LN! Sorry to not be on top of the comments. Kelly is still in the choir - small world! I'll say hi...