Monday, April 23, 2012

Easter etc

How was everyone's Easter weekend? (OK, I know that was a while ago, but not THAT long...)

We had a nice trip to visit Patrick's family (we're enjoying the innovation of breaking the trip into two parts, leaving after work the day before and staying in a hotel half way). Kate really likes seeing her cousins.

The weather was perfect for a Saturday hike (I recommend the trails at Recré-eau des Quinzes, particularly the Sentier l'explorateur, if you are ever in the area- not that I expect any of you would be!)
Kate also enjoyed the Easter egg hunt at the local library. Her efforts were captured on the local newspaper's website here.

Back at home on the holiday Monday we had my parents over for an Easter lunch. The Easter Bunny decided that Kate had not done enough hunting and so left another stash of treats in our backyard, of course.

Aside from Easter we have been enjoying the early departure of snow (today's unexpected precipitation notwithstanding), spending as much time outside as possible. Dad has kindly constructed my square-foot raised beds - all they need now is some fresh soil and seeds!

Patrick has been accepted to grad school for September - his first step in making a (hopeful!) transition from researcher who uses the Archives to archivist who shows researchers how to use the Archives. So that will be a big but exciting change for us next year.

We are also preparing for Kate to move on from day care to pre-school in September. The waiting lists are long around here, and it is a tough to choose amongst the different options. We have been offered a spot at the local French pre-school (she has had no instruction in French as yet) but are still on the waiting list at the English school. So we'll see what happens there.

We are also starting to look ahead to summer holidays and have plans to return to Washington, this time with Patrick's brother and his family along for the ride. Another great chance for Kate to have some fun with her cousins!

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